The Next UN Secretary-General? – Part III: Radoslaw Sikorski

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polish_radio_5_9_13_Radek_SikorskiThis is the third in a series of articles discussing potential candidates for the position of United Nations Secretary-General. The current holder of the post, Ban Ki-Moon of South Korea, is perfectly within regulations to stand for a third term when the 2016 election comes around; however, if he were to be successful, he would become the first UN Gen-Sec to survive more than two stints in office, and therefore history is against him. Previous articles have proposed the divisive Serb and current President of the UN General Assembly Vuk Jeremic ( and UN Development Programme leader and ex-Kiwi Prime Minister Helen Clark (, both of whom have proven international reputations. This piece highlights a third candidate, Polish Foreign Minister Radoslaw (or Radek) Sikorski, a journalist-turned-politician with a personal hunger for power.

Candidate III – Radoslaw Sikorski

The Pole, unlike Jeremic and Clark, ticks all…

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